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    Post  gphoenix on Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:32 am

    The Rules are created by me and other admins...If you think that there is this same rules on any other forum please report me and i will take necessary actions

    General Rules

    1.1 - Press "Thank You" if a post has been helpful to you
    2.1 - Your opinion ( except for non-tolerated behaviour )
    3.1 - Being an active poster, not just a leecher
    4.1 - Posting in the correct forums
    5.1 - Political or religion talks are not allowed! (including conspiracy theories,
    plots, assassination plans etc.!) This is a Warezboard!
    6.1 - Racist Talk or Ideas are not allowed
    7.1 - Don't use CAPS in ur post, it could look offensive
    8.1 - Helping out others, especially new members
    9.1 - Using the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts
    10.1 - If a post requires a fix ( crack, key generator, patch links or serial numbers ) to make it work, also include them in Your post
    11.1 - Respect decisions of the staff, as they are usually final
    12.1 - If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) button to tell a staff member
    ( Moderators or Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to solve it
    13.1 - No advertising allowed unless with staff permission, this also includes hosting and other product offers and this also applies to the VIP section.
    14.1 - Each forum member may have only one account.
    15.1 - No hotlinking images

    New 5-01-08
    - Always test your links before posting, be sure all links are working correctly.
    - Try to (Code) tag all your links, Code tags make it easier for Members using download mangers (FlashGet,Orbit)

    Added 7-15-08
    - From 7-15-08 forward all Redirect links are not allowed here at the Dark BB if they are found they should be reported
    promptly and will be deleted this is for everyone safety!!!!

    Added 8-13-08
    From this day forward it is mandatory that all links be code tagged
    [code*]Links Placed Here [/code] remove *
    This goes for links to Home pages to software, Movie etc and all 3rd party download links This is because of the possibility of phishing for passwords

    Added 8-20-2008
    No Live links or Advertising this includes warez-related forums in the signature(you will be warned to remove it then banned)
    Also no political or a religious signatures are allowed.
    Danasoft, IPBrowser and l33tsig signatures are not allowed.

    - A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum. These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules.A warning can last forever or until the mod or admin has specified
    - After receiving a 3rd warning, Your account will be banned automatically
    - If You redeem yourself, You will lose the warnings throughout time.

    WB1.1- Arguing with a MOD/ADMIN. They have the warning and ban button's, you don't.
    WB1.2- Reposts ( one mistake can happen, if it happens often you will receive an official warning )
    WB1.3- Double-posts ( for not using the EDIT button a warning will be given )
    WB1.4- Posting porn content outside of the "ultimate adult XXX" forum (if found posted elsewhere, a warning or ban will be given)(also by PM)
    WB1.5- Excessive swearing (if You get caught, a warning will be given)
    WB1.6- Requesting hacking/cracking/phreaking/flooding/spamming utilities
    WB1.7- Requesting in a non requesting area or ontopic, it can cost you a warning or in some cases even a ban use the request section or pm the one you have a question for
    WB1.8- Advertising other forums (if advertised "too much" a warning or ban will be given)
    WB1.9- Advertising warez-related forums (automatic ban!)
    WB1.10- PM-Spam ( automatic ban )
    WB1.11- Flame wars ( both people involved will recieve a warning )
    WB1.12- Racist Talk or Ideas (automatic ban)
    WB1.13- Going offtopic can get you warned at moderators discretion
    WB1.14- posting of religious stuff automatic ban this is a warezboard
    WB1.15- posting any know phishing sites automatic ban(added 7/7/08)
    WB1.16- posting redirect link (will be a warning first then you will be banned (~bad word~.org expressly prohibited) (added 7/15/08)
    WB1.17- not code tagging all links(added 8/13/08)
    WB1.18- no hotlinked images allowed(added 8/20/08)
    WB1.19- not following the signature rules(added 8/20/08)

    - Please report dead/duplicate/censored/offensive/phishing by using the (!) button.
    - Do not post anything in the thread itself - this is considered bumping a dead topic or contributing to an offensive thread. you can get a warning for it since it has no use
    - In the case of spammers - do not reply to the thread or give them any attention apart from reporting by using the ( ! ) button

    if you think you are worthy enough u can PM me...


    A reputation and points feature have been added...If u earn 1009 points we will give u any of the following..

    3 month Rapidshare Premium -or-
    Megaupload Limited account -or-
    Any Rank you Need on THis Forum-or-
    (Not ADmin)
    MP4 Player sent to your home (for 10,000 posts)

    2 inch LCD Screen
    Utility CD provided
    Nokia BL-4c/or similar batteries
    USB charger provided
    Datacable provided
    Worth Rs.5000/- (1 USD = Rs.40)
    Made by sony

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